Welcome to the Smyrna Music Garden!

Smyrna Music Garden exists to inspire and cultivate a love for the arts in our community.

Our Story

The Smyrna Music Garden opened its doors in August of 2015 with the goal of offering quality music lessons, art classes and all things creative to kids and adults of all ages. Our studio is the result of a collaboration of local teachers and musicians who have a heart to offer an enriching music and arts experience to each student. We truly believe that musical ability and creativity is something to be shared with others and treasured for a lifetime!

We are excited and motivated to add new outlets for creativity in our studio. As we grow, we hope to be able to offer a wide variety of opportunities and programs for Smyrna and beyond. 


The Student’s Story

Students are inspired to experiment with different styles and to enjoy interacting with a wide variety of genres.

Students gain knowledge and blaze new trails as they interact with what is taught and demonstrated. In private music lessons, they are growing in their ability to identify note names and rhythms, and practice the articulation, dynamics, technique and phrasing that make their instrument beautiful and unique.

Students see the value of practicing their developing skills as they set and reach practice goals. Various activities, incentives and positive reinforcement is given by the teacher. Both the teacher and the parent/guardian work together to show the importance of practice, and to facilitate helpful practice habits and routines.

Students own what they are playing and creating as they are encouraged and guided to improvise, and compose their ideas.

Students experience their instrument not just in notes on a page but in colors, emotions, movement, and story.

Students gain confidence in their abilities as they combine their knowledge and creativity for a variety of performance opportunities.